Photo Gallery

Tour the Halibut Cove Narrows

Lunch Time in the Narrows
Your transportation in the Narrows
The Arch
Stop here for art, coffee & the PO!
A Sydney Laurence view everyday!
Noon in the Narrows
Halibut Cove Experience Gallery
Spot, AKA the Harbor Master
The Saltry Restaurant
Rainbow over the Isthmus
Sea Otter with Pup

Tour the Property

The Property seen from the Narrows
Tram to carry your Gear to the Top
The Rose Arbor & Gate House
The Covered Stairs alongside Tram
Rewarding View at top of Stairs
Flower Planter on the Walkway
The Flower Bed
Canterbury Bells with Cove Sky
Scottish Rose Presiding
Walkway Planter
The little Buddha water feature
Lilac blooming in Yard
A Forget-Me-Not Cottage Wedding
Last Lily of the Fall
Asian Lilies in the Pond
The Pond
The Mermaid water feature
Fall Colors
Evening Sky before Sunset
Evening Hangout on the Dock
The Blood Moon October 2014
Bring your Xtra Tufs!

Visitors to the Property

Black Bear Under the Windmill
Steller's Jay fledgling
Rufous Hummingbird
Photo taken from Hot Tub Deck
Fritillary Butterfly on the Front Porch
Loaded with Pollen
A rainy day Belted Kingfisher
Sow on the tree house platform
Cub coming down
Halibut Cove Gothics
Mr. & Mrs. Boreal Chickadee
Eaglet Feeding Time
One of Clem's Honey Bees
Black Bear in the Eagle Nest
Spot 99 visiting our Dock